The Hive 2013

 Here comes an exhale of relief. The Hive 2013 video recap is finally complete. After filtering through the mound of footage from myself and some of the participants at my video workshop, here it is - 4 minutes of distilled memory. My only regret is to have missed some talks and workshops, and not getting to talk (or spend more time) with people.

I thought it was unique and special. Seeing arms and legs attached to those heads I see online is more than comforting. Afterall, writing/blogging can be a lonely affair and meeting others on the same path can offer new perspectives, perhaps even steer us on a different path. I'm glad I went and happy to co-create this video with the contribution of some of my workshop participants, which was also the first live Muse mini workshop. Take a look at Lu's video project with bloggers at the Berlin wall here.

Thank you to all who shared in this experience. To people I met and those who joined in - hope you walked away with something useful. Hope to see you again next time!

Do you have a Hive memory to share? Would love to see/read!